What is a Birth Tarot Chart ?

A map of your intimate world

What is Tarot Chart

Within the Tarot system there are 22 major arcanas (Tarot Cards) and your Birth Tarot Chart is the reunion of 5 of them in a particular order or sequence. That sequence is to your psyche what the DNA is to your genetics. The Birth Tarot Chart reading (also known as Path of Life reading) is the decoding of these archetypes and symbols that talk about you.

In the 20-minute recording© that you get with the purchase of your Birth Tarot Chart, you will discover its structure and the meaning of each position for each arcana. Your sequence holds many answers and reveals many aspects of your personality. There are no limits to the approach to Your Birth Tarot Chart. It can help you to deepen your understanding of your life challenges and their correlation to your need for growth. It can support you to embrace your life passion and commit to your heart desires. These are just two of the many ways you can gain some perspective from your Birth Tarot Chart.

The Tarot Software available on this website allows you to enter the magical world of symbols and ancient images that describe you from within. The options attached to it are like snap shots of your intimate landscape. It opens your mind to a confirming or refreshing vision of yourself.

Tarot Reading

How to use the tools available
on this website?

Get insights, better understanding and deeper
appreciation for the people:

  • You love (spouse, girlfriend, boyfriend, partner, pets...)
  • You are related to (parents, relatives, siblings...)
  • You trust (teachers, friends...)
  • You worry about (children, parents, friends...)
  • You work with (colleagues, partners, boss...)
  • You delegate things to (co-workers, employees...)
  • You report to (boss, manager...)
  • You responsible for (children, relatives...)
  • You admire (artists, politicians, spiritual figures, musicians, philosophers, thinkers...)
  • You identify yourself with (performers, actors, actresses, TV presenters...)

  • Measure and appreciate the differences or similarities
    that exist between your birth name and:

  • Your current married name
  • Your spiritual name
  • Your stage name
  • Your pseudonym
  • Your public name
  • Your nickname
  • Your dreamed name, etc...

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