Louise Dollin

It was 25 years ago in France that Louise first discovered the ancient Tarot of Marseille. Since that time, she has continued to enhance her knowledge and further nurture her passion for the Tarot by studying either under the direct guidance, or through the writings of such masters as Jodorowsky, Colleuil, Morel, Hammaker-Zondag, and other distinguished authorities in the art of Tarot. Today, Ms. Dollin offers readings in person as well as from a distance. Her clients are geographically located all over the world. Over the years she has developed an innovative method which she refers to as the Path of Life Reading, commonly known as Birth Tarot Chart Reading. The enormous popularity of this particular modality of Tarot reading has allowed Louise the opportunity to make it her specialty. Throughout the years, the Tarot has become a central pillar around which her natural intuitive abilities have expanded.

What peope think of their Online Birth Tarot Chart Readings

It was very, very interesting to get the reading on my partner and it has totally helped me to understand him better. His last card is the chariot. He has a really strong desire and ambition to accomplish various goals related to his passion for social and environmental Justice (interestingly, Justice is his first card). He always says things to me like "I have to do this... or I have to do that." I am not very much compelled this way and when he says these things I always think he is putting too much pressure on himself. When I got his reading and found that this is his destiny, it makes me understand him better. I, on the other hand, see my life more as a journey and I wish to learn, grow, and heal through whichever circumstances I find myself rather than feeling a need/desire to "do" or "accomplish" specific goals. - DC. USA